The Mighty Stef

I hadn’t heard of Dublin’s The Mighty Stef before last year’s SXSW. We walked in on him as he was closing out his set at Maria’s Taco Express. He was impassioned and raw, belting out a song about Johnny Thunders. Check out the video below of that performance. Sorry about the assholes walking back and forth in front of the camera. Oh, wait…

The Mighty Stef has a new album out, TMS And The Bandits, it’s his third and came out the end of last year. An underlying Celtic rock vibe that never trails into cliche, with an overlay of blues, folk, and punk attitude, are the foundation for ballads and rockers about the downtrodden, the struggling hopeful, and the in-need-of-redemption. He’s got a great voice, equal parts worn and warm. Song titles such as “Johnny Thunders” and “Jeffrey Lee” (Pierce) should give you a good idea of the musical influences coursing through his veins.

And, he’ll be back at SXSW this year. No other US gigs are currently listed.

Buy it: Amazon, eMusic , or directly

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  1. so does keon bus tables for free drinks?

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