SXSW 2011_2

Ok. This is more like it. A lot of bands listed at the SXSW site now and the mix starts sounding more like our trips to TX. Lots of roots, Americana, country, folk, raw rock… And since the first playlist started so effectively with cussing, I thought I’d make it a trend.

Lots of bands I’d like to catch within this group. A couple I’ve seen before. A couple missed before – like J Roddy Walston last year – won’t make that mistake again – and Sweden’s Moneybrother last time through SXSW in ’95. They’re on tour up to SXSW supporting their latest release, “Real Control.” Tell me he doesn’t sound a little like Joe Strummer? Matthew & The Altas and The Loom are 2 bands that only I recently came across and I’ve really enjoyed all that I’ve heard. The Loom are from NY, Matthew & The Atlas from the UK. Definite early “must sees.” The missing of Moneybrother in ’95 brings up one our SXSW rules to determine what to see. If it doesn’t tour (for us that’s in and around the North East) – see it. If it’s European and doesn’t tour – double the effort. Catching Bone-Box from Manchester UK a few years back is a case in point. Their performance is a highlight amidst all the acts we’ve seen over the years at SXSW. They were a last minute add to the festival listing. The large ensemble barely fit on the small Habana Calle stage and practically outnumbered the audience. That did nothing to hinder an amazing performance. Pick up “Death Of A Prize Fighter” (directly or eMusic). You will not be disappointed (if you like mariachi horns, jazzy interludes, pedal steel, and gravelly vocals liberally sprinkled into tumbleweed battered British folk).

At some point, too much beer and bourbon (and 10-plus hours into the music listening day), the senses need a shake up – maybe a nasty garage band, some big pop act, or maybe an obscure European synth band. I may be wandering off to see Kite on my own in the middle of the night…

1.) 0:00 – Scott H. Biram • Judgement Day
2.) 2:31 – J Roddy Walston & The Business • Brave Man’s Death
3.) 7:44 – These United States • Water & Wheat
4.) 11:08 – Jesse Malin & The St, Marks Social • Black Boombox
5.) 13:05 – Moneybrother • Feel Like Hurting Somebody
6.) 15:44 – Pete & The Pirates • Knots
7.) 17.52 – The Mighty Stef • John The Baptist (Part One)
8.) 22:51 – Jon Dee Graham • Beautifully Broken
9.) 25:55 – Olin & The Moon • Drivin’ West
10.) 30:24 – Ha Ha Tonka • Walking On The Devil’s Backbone
11.) 34:06 – The Moondoggies • Bogachiel Rain Blues
12.) 38: 26 – Matthew & The Atlas • I Followed Fires
13.) 42:10 – The Loom • Of Vegas & Vanity
14.) 45:10 – Sgt Dunbar & The Hobo Banned • Goin’ Nowhere
15.) 48:46 – The Mumlers • 99 Years
16.) 51:27 – Franz Nicolay • This Is Not A Pipe
17.) 53:46 – The Epstein • Dance The Night Away
18.) 58:22 – Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers • You Only Believe Me When I’m Lying
19.) 1:01:40 – Hurray For The Riff Raff • Slow Walk
20.) 1:04:53 – Typhoon • White Liars
21.) 1:09:34 – We Barbarians • War Clouds
22.) 1:13:47 – Kite • If There’s An If In Us


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2 Responses to SXSW 2011_2

  1. nat says:

    I got all excited when I saw The Refreshments in the list. WHAT? Roger Clyne is back with the band?
    Nope, its The Refreshements from Sweden. Oh. Not bad, though, for a rockabilly outfit.
    Roger Clyne still has his AZ Peacemakers.

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