Chapel Hill – If These Wings Should Fail Me

How’d I miss this one?! Chapel Hill‘s 2009 release “Song To Die For” was a great brew of dark Americana. “If These Wings Should Fail Me” came out April of last year. One reason may be that the band’s from France. Strasbourg to be exact. Originally from North Carolina, Nathaniel Symes moved there in 2000 after playing in a couple bands in the Boston music scene. In general, there’s a lighter palette than the previous album. Songs are sparse, with melancholy slipping into the cracks where in the past there was darkness. The songs capture a range of moods. The gothic creepiness of “Could This Be The End” and the bluesy “In My Time Of Dying” are balanced by the tender sadness of “In Your Room” and the floating “Where Are You Now.” A new version of “Lucky Boy” from “Songs To Die For” bumps the tempo up from a slow clop to country ramble. A couple songs are presented as live recordings making the decent case for a trip to France…

Evening So Soon

Buy it: Cosmopolite Records (label), eMusic

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