Oh Ruin

The name Oh Ruin suspiciously sets up the possibility of either navel gazing mopiness or a metallic maelstrom. Luckily it’s neither. It’s literate folk from London via Ireland guitarist Eion O’Ruainigh (hence the name…). O’Ruainigh’s a great picker with an affinity for the blues, and as a luthier, plays guitars of his own making. With full band, songs build intensity and tension, depth and complexity.

He’s got an ep and a single out. Both are well worth picking up – the 4 song ep includes the intense “Estella” which builds wonderfully, with the repeated refrain, “1234, A little love, so forlorn, There’s no way he could keep that star from shooting free,” and the gentle but melancholic “Silver Lining.” This dark song is the flip of “The Pillow Where Your Head Does Lay” single.


Oh Ruin is playing SXSW this year.

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1 Response to Oh Ruin

  1. rudy says:

    the buzz on the strings is nice – or did i blow a speaker?

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