SXSW 2011_4

One of our SXSW traditions has been Jon Langford. It might even be a SXSW rule: see Jon Langford. This year he’s appearing both with his band Skull Orchard and with the Waco Bros. The Waco Bros and their high kicking cover of “I Fought The Law” have been the satisfying nightcap of many festivals. This track is from his latest, “Old Devils.” We saw Country Mice last year (then called We Are Country Mice) at Wave rooftop. Sounded nothing like this. Nothing. But then again, we suffer the occasional schedule snafu and venue miscue. I missed the Thrift Store Cowboys latest release when it came out last October – their first since 2006. And it’s pretty great as evidenced by “Bright Fire.” Having been very pleased to catch a great shambolic performance by Austin’s Golden Boys I’m looking forward to seeing frontman John Wesley Coleman this year. Same goes for Leatherbag, Sons of Bill, and Austin Lucas. And the gravel voiced Sean Rowe. Didn’t know anything about him until looking him up from the SXSW listings. His debut, “Magic,” came out on Collar City Records last year but is getting a wider release February 22 on Anti- Records.

1.) 0:00 – Jon Langford & The Skull Orchard • Getting Used To Uselessness
2.) 3:48 – Slang Chickens • Grandfather’s Gun
3.) 6:12 – The Sheepdogs • I Don’t Get By
4.) 9:05 – Li’l Cap’n Travis • Beer Of Love
5.) 13:35 – Rolla Olak • Swamp Fang
6.) 16:07 – John Wesley Coleman III • Get High Babe
7.) 19:20 – Country Mice • A Good Old Fashioned Barn Burning
8.) 22:34 – Brent Amaker & The Rodeo • Man In Charge
9.) 26:03 – Whitey Morgan & The 78’s • Bad News
10.) 31:01 – Thrift Store Cowboys • Bright Fire
11.) 35:07 – Leatherbag • It’s Over (I Ain’t Young Anymore)
12.) 37:39 – Austin Lucas • Thunder Rail
13.) 41:39 – Ponderosa • Little Runaway
14.) 45:41 – Sons Of Bill • Joey’s Arm
15.) 49:34 – Nathaniel Raeteliff • Longing & Losing
16.) 52:07 – Sean Rowe • Jonathan


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