SXSW 2011_5

Closer to SXSW. Less time. Smaller chunks of music. The off-festival listings have been growing – meaning there is another trove of music needing tending. Some of best shows we’ve seen over the years are bands traveling through town but not on the official roster. Rather than packed official/industry/delegation parties, well, there are lots of other things to hear. The first 3 bands here are among a great line-up playing at the 4th Annual Hillgrass Bluebilly xSXSW Showcase at Hole in the Wall on Friday night (March 18). Reason enough to leave badges in the hotel room…

1.) 0:00 – Possessed By Paul James • Four Men From The Row
2.) 3:09 – The Boomswagglers • Run You Down
3.) 6:28 – Rose’s Pawn Shop • Dancing On The Gallows
4.) 10: 42 – The Weeds • Deep Red Clay
5.) 13:56 – Wagons • Goodtown
6.) 17:02 – River City Extension • If I Still Own A Bible
7.) 20:57 – Ronny Elliott • Burn, Burn, Burn
8.) 25:07 – Paul Cary • The Curse Of The China Bull
9.) 27:39 – Uncle Bad Touch • Blow Your Mind


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