SXSW 2011_6

This selection leads of with Kingsley Flood out of Boston. Since there’s so much great music at SXSW – either so local, or too foreign – we often skip bands we can see at home, but this is really good – so if not in Austin, I’ll be sure to catch them shortly after in Cambridge. Of this group, one of the acts I’m excited to hear is King Creosote. From Fife, Scotland, and founder of Fence Records, this is King Creosote’s (Kenny Anderson’s) first trip to the US. A number of years ago, a couple paths kept leading to Fence – James Yorkston, Lone Pigeon – and then King Creosote. Folk would be a broad term to encompass the label and associated bands – augmented by eclecticism and a d.i.y. spirit. And he will start Thursday (March 17) eve out wonderfully at the Domino Showcase at 8 in Emo’s main room.

1.) 0:00 – Kingsley Flood – Roll Of The Dice
2.) 3:55 – The Black • Throwing Away
3.) 7:44 – Have Gun Will Travel • Ol’ Death Rattle
4.) 10:42 – The Harmed Brothers • One In The Garden
5.) 16:26 – Ivan & Alyosha • Glorify
6.) 20:14 – The Orbans • Like A Liar
7.) 24:51 – Luke Rathborne • Dog Years
8.) 28:43 – King Creosote • Marguerita Red
9.) 32:17 – Admiral Fallow • Squealing Pigs
10.) 35:32  – The Tumbledryer Babies • WWF


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