Aaron Berg

Arron Berg was born in South Carolina, raised by parents who ran an independent record store and did regional promotion for a who’s who of American country and roots music, moved to New York to study jazz, quit school, and now plays stripped down folk songs. He’s released a couple eps, an album, and written a book.

His songs are unpretentious and heartfelt. His voice a little off key, a little nasal – a little Dylan. A deeper timbre adds a weathered solemnity. Occasionally he ventures in Beck-ism (“Madonna of the Evening Rose”) and psychedelia (“Electric Mike’s Coffee Table Acid Demo No. 1”).

You can download “Love and Coffee Tapes,” combining songs from eps with the same name, for free off his site. A new album, “Exiles in Paradise,” with his band The Heavy Load – and a more overt country feel – will be coming out this spring.

Honey For You

Buy: Direct, Amazon

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