The Far West

If I ever run away from it all and find myself drinking cold beer at roadhouse on a hot, dusty road, I want The Far West to be the house band. The debut album from this LA band is relaxed and loose. The production stays out of the way, giving the music a timeless quality – exactly as it should be for the classic country feel of songs with titles like “Tears On The Pillowcase,” “A Town Called Lonesome,” “Bitter Drunk And Cold,” and “The Best Company Misery Ever Had.” Singer Lee Briante sounds a few drinks in, with a pleasant, slurry delivery. The pace generally doesn’t stray too far from a slow dance, but songs include honky tonk and Tex-Mex flavors, and the instrumentation includes just the right doses of accordion, fiddle, banjo – and lots of rolling piano.

Bound To Lose

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