Garett Brennan & The Great Salt Licks – The Cookie Tapes

Garett Brennan runs Portland-based Three Pin Records. The label donates 1% of all sales to an organic farming initiative. They also make financial contributions to ensure that all releases are carbon neutral. And Brennan heads up Focus The Nation, a clean energy advocacy non-profit.

But if you’re expecting preachy songs of environmental activism don’t groan, you instead get gentle, hushed, and un-rushed folky Americana. His site puts it’s more romantically, but aptly – songs that “conjure up the fresh snow of mountains, the clear water of his adopted home in the Pacific Northwest.” At 5 tracks it’s way too short. But luckily there’s more to explore: with The Salt Licks, he released “Huckleberry Tree” in 2009, a jauntier roots excursion, and “Little Cottonwood” in 2005, a rustic, stripped-down solo effort.

Biscuit Smoke

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