Nikolai Fox – Songs & Interludes

OK. I learned my lesson. I’ll won’t skip the flu shot next year. I’ve been doing my best to keep up with work, hit deadlines, and not fall asleep – too often – at the keyboard. Through a fever and coughing filled week, a couple songs emerged on heavy repeat…

Look Nikolai Fox up online and you’ll encounter a Philadelphia-based photographer and cinematographer. The pictures are elegant, often stark, and a bit mysterious. More intriguing is his film, “Music For The Sky,” a documentary on regional, revivalist fiddle music from Vermont and Massachusetts. Check out the trailer below. What you won’t get from his website is that he’s also a musician. And one thoroughly in my wheelhouse. He’s got that imperfect, weathered, and life-worn voice that I’m a sucker for. The music is raw but considered. His new album “Songs & Interludes” rotates between spare folkish vocal tunes and short instrumentals. Fox’s own old-time fiddle playing graces many of the tracks.

The vocal tracks are more straightforward but they are the ones that grabbed me first. “One Sad Day” begins, sadly strummed, remorsefully intoned, but an almost buoyant guitar line transforms the song and introduces a hopeful response. The slowed down, almost dirge-like jig, “Interlude: Pan & Syrinx,” creates a fascinating and beautiful intersection of traditional and contemporary. “Humping At The Old Folks Home” – definitely the odd tune out here – is cheeky but not mean, sweet heart at the center, that reinforces an overall integrity that I just love about this album. It’s not perfect by any means. It doesn’t really flow. “Interlude: April’s Archway,” while pleasant, is not much more. His MySpace and ReverbNation pages include a couple non-album tracks tracks which hopefully indicate this gem of an album will lead to more.

Pieces Of Someday

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3 Responses to Nikolai Fox – Songs & Interludes

  1. nikolaifox says:

    Thanks! Nice of you to write about my album!

  2. nikolaifox says:

    Thanks for writing about my album! Maybe this winter will produce another . . .

  3. noyrproduct says:

    Hope we do get another album from you! “Pieces of Someday” and “One Sad Day” are still on heavy repeat and some of my favorite songs of the year. I’d probably have to put “The Myth of Love and the Elements” into that category too…

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