Gualadlupe Plata

Bored. Frustrated. About a week in after knee surgery I’m sitting in my temporary downstairs “rehabilitation center/office.” Computer on my lap. Knee in a passive motion machine. Pain pills within reach. Trapped, claustrophobic, sore, too antsy to do anything. Turn on the TV and I’ll just flip for hours. Music hasn’t been soothing the soul either. Until I remembered something I’ve been meaning to write about a while. Jittery and tense. Angular and ugly. My mood. Guadalupe Plata’s swampy stew of roiling, reductive, dirty, blues.

I first heard a few tracks by this three-piece from Southern Spain checking out the SXSW 2011 lineup. Somewhere along the way, these guys got misfiled, or plain missed. Which is a real shame. The band’s reverence for the genre is reflected in who they name drop – John Lee Hooker, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, R.L. Burnside, and Elmore James – but they attack with abandon, careening wildly towards the precipice like early Gun Club.

Their excellent full length from February of this year and frenzied ep from ’09, both convenienty called “Guadalupe Plata,” are available for free on their Bandcamp site. The track below from the album, the video from the ep (named “Baby Baby” on the ep).


Free Download: Bandcamp

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