Kickstarter projects: Leatherbag, King Kahn

Ok, did Leatherbag build a time machine with their Kickstarter money? The professed goal was to raise cash and finish up their latest album “Yellow TV.” Sounds like they transported back to the the late 70’s Lower East Side. “Hello, Richard Hell, may I borrow some sugar…” Skittery, jittery, snarlish pop, tracking in mostly around the 2:00-2:30 range. Aided by pumping, squacking sax and a smattering of organ. The two most recent tracks added may break that mold, and “Sparrow Blues” harkens to earlier slow, country-flavored Leatherbag releases, but I’m sticking to the time travel theory. The band is currently sharing their results for a limited time. Here’s “Imitation Generation.”

Check out the rest of the tracks here.

Another interesting Kickstarter project still looking for funding is “Send Sean Spits to Berlin to Record with King Khan!” King Kahn is making a plea to help solidify the recording lineup for his new “serious country” act, Khanwood Clarke (Kahn, Jeff Clarke of the Demons Claws, and Sean Wood from the Spits). Intrigued and invested. Do the same?

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