Gustaf Kjellvander: April 25, 1980 – June 18, 2011

Sad news. Swedish musician Gustaf Kjellvander passed away this past weekend at age 31. Kjellvander’s most recent band, The Fine Art Showcase was formed in 2004, released 4 albums, a number of eps and singles. Hook-laden and fuzz-drenched, ebullient, yet often with an aching undercurrent, Kjellvander descibed their music as “kamikaze-pop.” Previously he was in Sideshow Bob and Songs of Soil with his older brother Christian. A talented musician who will be missed and a back catalog you shouldn’t miss. (Buy: iTunes, Adrian Records)

The track below is the one that instantly grabbed me. Released in 2004 as The Fine Art Showcase’s first single, “Mock Ivory” was also included on their first full-length, “Gustaf Kjellvander Proudly Presents The Fine Art Showcase and the Electric Pavilion.” The video is from “Radiola” in 2006.

Mock Ivory

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