4th of July – Atherton – Ryan Tanner

I’m not really a fan of holiday-themed musical posts, but unless I succumb, I may never have a good reason to post this song. My 4th of July song list is really short. This one and Dave Alvin’s “Fourth of July.”

Also called “Fourth of July,” this is from Salt Lake City’s Atheron.

It’s from their second release, 2007’s “Skyline Motel.” Shortly after completing the album, they got some national exposure when another track was picked up for an MTV show. And then they broke up. A promised third album never appeared. “Skyline Motel” is filled with empty plains and serenity, pop hooks and walls of guitar. Just check out a few other favorites from the album, “Sing You A Song,” “All The Cool Kids” and especially, “Mexican Wedding Song.”

Jump ahead a couple years, and Atherton’s Ryan Tanner wins the 2010 American Songwriter Lyric Contest Grand Prize for “I Never Did My Best.” And even more currently, his website announces a Kickstarteer campaign for a new album (promised for June, but not yet up and running…). Encouraging.

Fourth Of July

I Never Did My Best

Buy Atheron: CD Baby

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3 Responses to 4th of July – Atherton – Ryan Tanner

  1. So glad to listen to this. Only copy I have is on a well loved mixtape. Happy 4th to you.

  2. noyrproduct says:

    One timely. The other timeless.

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