SXSW 2012 – Playlist 3

The general timbre for SXSW over the years has been a lot of Americana, country, roots, folk, with bursts of noise. For that, the more primal and stripped down the better. And the occasional foray into the hyped fray. And foreign acts not likely to tour again. Plus a few perennial favorites. This group of songs stays closer to the intro. I’m still digging through the initial three postings of attending acts but also checking out (and including) rumored and unofficial acts. Like Atlanta, GA’s Ocha la Rocha. This is from their their 2007 debut, but also check “Heavy” from the upcoming “Ocho Scores.” Cuff The Duke is from Toronto and this track is off their most recent, and 5th album, “Morning Comes.” More by Glaswegians Three Blind Wolves here. More from Nashville’s Apache Relay here. The track by Possessed By Paul James is from 2010’s well-worth-picking up “Feed The Family.” He, Husky Burnette, and Lone Wolf (One Man Band) are all part of the impressive 5th annual XSXSW show I mentioned last playlist. All great stuff here and a couple definite hits, like My Jerusalem, Possessed By Paul James, and Husky Burnette. A batch of noisier stuff coming up next time.


1.) 0:00 – Ocha la Rocha • Tumble Down
2.) 3:18 – Cuff The Duke • Count On Me
3.) 6:06 – Three Blind Wolves • Echo On The Night Train
4.) 10:10 – The Apache Relay • American Nomad
5.) 13:41 – My Jerusalem • Remember Everything
6.) 16:16 – Possessed By Paul James • Shoulda’ Known Better
7) 19:52 – J Roddy Walston & The Business • Jesus Gonna Do His Best
8.) 22:56 – Husky Burnette • Shake That Thang
9.) 26:55 – Lone Wolf (One Man Band) • Honky Tonk Carnie


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1 Response to SXSW 2012 – Playlist 3

  1. clif says:

    Martin, another great compilation…Really looking forward to hearing it live. And thanks for signing me up to the rsvp parties. I’m sure I’ve lost some of those to my spam filter!

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